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Michael Sartain | July 15, 2019

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The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

This is absolutely the best book I’ve ever read on productivity. One of the best books I’ve read in my life. I will be reading this over and over. This book is masterful in it’s simplicity and practicality. I cannot recommend this book enough.

The One Thing is remarkably simple and yet paradigm shifting. The first thing the author wants you to do is ask yourself, “What are you REALLY good at?”  Most people don’t really evaluate what they are good at, they just go through life never really exploring the question.  He tells you to discover that talent you have and focus your time and effort exclusivlly on making that talent exceptional instead of working on all your weaknesses.  This book completely debunks the myth of multi-tasking.  It scientifically exposes how trying to do several things at once is extremely inefficient compared with focusing on one task at at time.  Once you find your ‘One Thing’, Keller tells you to set aside blocks of time in your day (at least four hours) to focusing on honing your talent or skill.

After reading this book I’ve been able to realize what my ‘One Thing’ is. Like Keller writes in the book, it’s the one thing my entire life people have repeatadly told me I’m excellent at.  My one thing is public speaking.  Since reading this book I’ve had the opportunity to give several speeches, conducted several celebrity interviews, started a YouTube channel and now appear on a weekly radio talk show.  This book is life changing and I hope it helps you on your path as much as it’s helped me.