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Michael Sartain | August 3, 2021

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Michael Sartain Hosts the Red Carpet for Maxim Halloween 2015

| On 31, Dec 2015

Michael Sartain from VivaVegasTV hosted the red carpet for the 2015 Maxim Halloween Party presented by Karma International.  The party’s location was kept a secret till the last possible minute when guests and celebrities were taken to the huge Beverly Hills estate.  Guests included:  Nick Jonas​, Karrueche Tran​, Dan Bilzerian​, B. Howard​, Barbie Blank​, Aubrey O’Day​, Mark Ballas​, Emily Sears​ , Tai Lopez and Cheryl Burke​.  As well as Sam​ Rhima​, Kimberly Fattorini​, Nikki Leigh​, Gia Ramey-Gay​ (from Playboy) Eric Stotz, Marvin Epstein​, Julie Stein​, Clynton Blacklaws​ (from Karma International​) And from Aleisha Hudson​, Elise Natalie Duncan​, Rach Hill​, Elizabeth marxs​, Melissa Lori​, Holly Wolf​, Tawny Jordan​, Lucy Cl Miller​, Abby Parece​ and Anya Benton​.

Maxim Halloween

Nick Jonas

Maxim HalloweenKaruche Tran

Maxim Halloween

Tai Lopez

Maxim HalloweenCheryl Burke