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Michael Sartain | September 24, 2021

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The History Of Sex, Marriage and Polygamy on 'Waking Up In Vegas'

The History Of Sex, Marriage and Polygamy on ‘Waking Up In Vegas’

| On 30, Sep 2014

Tiffany Wants Multiple Boyfriends, Michael Explains the History of Sex

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Last week on “Waking Up In Vegas”  Tiffany and Michael get into an interesting discussion about the history of sex.  They discuss where marriage and monogamy came from and whether or not monogamy is part of human nature.  They also talk about the role religion, civilization and evolutionary psychology play in monogamy.  Michael tells the story of how Buddha was an Indian prince and had a harem of women before he found enlightenment.  Tiffany talks about posting a BDSM picture on Facebook, getting in trouble for it and having to take it down in less than a minute.  Michael talks about how marriage for love is actually a fairly new phenomena in society. Tiffany tells a really cheesy oral sex joke on the air.  Michael recommends the book ‘The History of the Human Body’ by Daniel Lieberman to learn more about the history of our species.  (You can find all of Michael’s recommendations at )

They discuss the equilibrium between monogamy and polygamy that society have settled on.  Michael explains the difference between ‘polygamy’, ‘polygyny’ and ‘polyandry’ and they talk about the effects pornography has on dating and relationships.  Tiffany asks Michael if she can have more than one boyfriend.  Michael assures Tiffany that she can do whatever she wants.  The winners of the Rehab Bikini Invitational are announced on the air and Michael talks about the exclusive VivaVegasTV interview with the now 4 time Mr Olympia Champion, Phil “The Gift” Heath.  Tiffany is excited to talk about working out with her new trainer Sidney Wilson and the new supplement she’s trying called Young Living.

They talk about the September Birthdays event recently held at 1Oak Las Vegas.  Tiffany mentions the RiSE Lantern Festival happening October 10th as well at the Bucket List single’s cruise happening December 7th out of New Orleans.  And she announces her upcoming event October 5th called “Anything But Clothes” happening at the Foundation Room Inside Mandalay Bay from 8-11pm.  She also talks about the ’50 Shades of Tiffany’ Party happening at Beacher’s Madhouse October 21st for her birthday where she’ll jump out of a cake and perform burlesque for the audience.

History Of Sex

Click here to watch the video.

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