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Michael Sartain | September 23, 2021

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Ghost Hunters from Bonnie Springs on Waking Up In Vegas

Ghost Hunters from Bonnie Springs on Waking Up In Vegas

| On 30, Oct 2014

Click here to see the full episode.

Last week on ”Waking Up In Vegas’ Tiffany Masters and Michael Sartain talk with David Purdy from the Elite Vegas Paranormal Society and one of the tour guides on the Bonnie Springs Ranch Haunted Ghost Tours Experience.  The three search through the AllTalkRadio.Net studio for signs of paranormal activity.  At one point the lights go off and they broadcast the show from a low light camera.  You won’t want to miss watching Tiffany freak out.

Bonnie Springs:

This week on Waking Up In Vegas Tiffany will talk about her experience ghost hunting October 29th at Bonnie Springs Ranch.

Bonnie Springs Ranch

Click here to see the full episode.

‘Waking Up In Vegas’ is the premiere show dealing with relationships, social media and the Las Vegas lifestyle.  You can watch live every week at 3:05pm PST at www.AllTalkRadio.Net

About The Elite Vegas Paranormal Society:

Veteran Paranormal Investigators Brian, Linda and David Purdy founded EVPS in 2008 after spending nearly 10 years working privately on the paranormal activity that had captured their attention over the years. Since then they have grown their society to more than 16 highly dedicated members searching for answers to the unanswered question…Is there Life after Death? Today, Brian, Linda and David along with their experienced team of Paranormal Investigators manage a robust schedule for clients throughout the state. The society also hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year such as The Las Vegas Paracon and The Haunted Ghost Tours Experience, where you can become the Paranormal Investigator you’ve always wanted to be. With state-of-the-art equipment at your finger tips you become a member of the EVPS Team for the night!