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Michael Sartain | September 24, 2021

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Fifty Shades, Voyeurism and a Special Guest Caller on 'Waking Up In Vegas'

Fifty Shades, Voyeurism and a Special Guest Caller on ‘Waking Up In Vegas’

| On 05, Oct 2014

Click here to watch the video.

Last week on ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ Tiffany and Michael talk about their Fifty Shades event, voyeurism have a special guest caller.  Tiffany talks about her upcoming book, ‘Fifty Shades of Masters’ and asks the question; why is erotic behavior more accepted during the month of October?   Tiffany talks about the huge event she has coming up October 21st at Beacher’s Madhouse for all the October birthdays.  Then she asks Michael if he’s ever been tied up.  They discuss the voyeuristic speakeasies that Tiffany wants to put on her Bucket List.

A special guest calls in to talk about whether or not sexual perversions are cultural or hereditary.  He talks about the rough sex experienced by ducks.  Michael explains that in order for something to be a ‘perversion’ our culture must see it as abnormal and the standard for what is ‘normal’ changes over time.  He also talks about what sex must have been like for humans before civilization or language and how scientific findings by evolutionary psychologists dealing with the history of sex are offensive to some people because the go against cultural norms.  Tiffany uses the example of the the success of the ’50 Shades’ books series to demonstrate that women have hidden sexual desires that are being repressed.

The two talk about the ‘Anything But Clothes’ event Sunday Oct 5th at Foundation Room inside Mandalay Bay followed by Michael Sartain’s 37th birthday party at Bank Nightclub inside The Bellagio.  Michael explained how Sunday’s event would be a canned food drive benefiting ThreeSquare.Org, Southern Nevada’s only food bank.  He also explained how the food pantry where he volunteers every week, College Park Baptist Church, was completely out of canned goods and they desperately need help.

Click here to watch the video.

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