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Michael Sartain | October 15, 2021

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Dave Oancea: Vegas Dave on 'The VivaVegasTV Show'

Dave Oancea: Vegas Dave on ‘The VivaVegasTV Show’

| On 03, Jan 2015

Click here to watch the entire episode.

Vegas Dave Sports Betting

Successful Las Vegas sports consultant, Dave Oancea aka Vegas Dave, joined Sancho Van Ryan and Michael Sartain on ‘The VivaVegasTV Show.’  Dave’s success as a sports better has been written about in the New York TimesJack and  On the show, Dave has some controversial opinions regarding sports betting, other handicappers and people in the Las Vegas nightlife.  Dave recounts how he got into sports betting, he talks about the rapid growth of his business due to publicity and social media and he talks about how his “Vegas Lifestyle” makes him more marketable than many other sports betters.  He also discusses some of his biggest wins and losses including winning $200,000 on the Superbowl.  You will not want to miss this episode.

Vegas Dave Millionaire Matchmaker

Click here to watch the entire episode.

‘The VivaVegasTV Show’ is all about Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, and the Las Vegas Lifestyle.  You can watch it live every Thursday at 4:05pm PST on www.AllTalkRadio.Net

More about Vegas Dave aka Dave Oancea…

From the New York Times:

Oancea watches football until his eyeballs fall out. He doesn’t get as deep into statistical analysis but collects as much anecdotal information as he can about teams. He also has rules of thumb, including not betting against a premier quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, no matter what his numbers might indicate. And once he reaches a decision, he sticks with it. “I don’t like to second-guess myself,” he said.

Lately, he’d been on a roll. Early in the 2012-13 N.F.L. season, he picked the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl, an $8,000 long-shot bet that resulted in a $200,000 payout. Toward the end of last baseball season, he bet $30,000 on the Boston Red Sox to take the World Series and won $340,000. Two-thirds of the way through the SuperContest, meanwhile, he was tied for third. “I wake every morning like a kid on Christmas,” Oancea said. “I can’t wait to get up and go bet on games.”

Vegas Dave ESPN


Dave Oancea, better known as Vegas Dave started his gambling career in Las Vegas 15 years ago. Dave moved from Honolulu, Hawaii in dreams of making it big in Sin City. Dave took out  student loan while attending UNLV for 10k. Put the whole 10k on red on roulette and doubled his money. Then had a 20k bank roll to start his gambling career. He has had many ups and downs on this gambling journey. Nights where he lost all his money, a 2 month stint at GA, and even had to borrow money from his parents. However, Dave always believed he was good at what he did, but had no money management or self control. Dave had to learn that to succeed in this line of work that he needed self control and discipline. 15 years later, Dave is regarded as one of the elite sports handicappers of this era. He will wager anywhere from 100-200k a week on sports. This journey has provided Dave with a great lifestyle and financial freedom. Below are some tips that Dave has learned from his career along with all the terminology you will need to understand sports betting.

    • Bet within your means. Don’t wager 5k on a game if your bankroll is 10k
    • Don’t chase! Don’t double up on a televised game because you are down for the day and want to win it back
    • Money management is crucial! Its like a body builder, 50% training and 50% nutrition. For me its 50% skills and handicapping and 50% money management. Lack of money management is the single reason why people don’t make it in this industry.
    • Treat this like a business and not a hobby. Theres a lot of money to be made in this line of work

Vegas Dave Instagram


Right when you think cashing in a $200k dollar ticket for Super Bowl 2013 was just luck, Dave does it again, but even bigger this time. I’ve had the pleasure in being good friends with this character “Vegas Dave” for a couple years now. You see him just about every day buying bottles in the club, partying with the most beautiful cocktail waitresses Las Vegas has to offer and driving away at the end of the night in his luxury sports cars (with one of them in it), all while boasting about it social media.

One would think to themselves, who the f*ck is this guy and where does he get all this money to party all the time? Well, Dave has mastered the art of sports betting. Yes, sports betting. Legitimate money being won every week through the year betting on sports. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not.

In due time, I have also come to learn that Dave has a big heart, but this story isn’t about that. It’s about this badass making the sport of betting look easy and his accomplishments in doing so. I have interviewed Dave before and we discussed his partying and girls, but this time, Dave chose the Boston Red Sox to win the world series and guess what? They won and so did Dave. A whopping $340k dollars. Biggest win of his career.

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