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Michael Sartain | September 24, 2021

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Conspiracy Theories, Quantum Mechanics and Parallel Universes: Guest Michael Sartain on 'It's Out There'

Conspiracy Theories, Quantum Mechanics and Parallel Universes: Guest Michael Sartain on ‘It’s Out There’

| On 24, Sep 2014

Parallel Universes: Michael Sartain In Studio To Answer Questions

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Last week on ‘It’s Out There’ Michael Sartain dropped by to talk about the possibility of Parallel Universes.  Nakeya talks about how she experienced what she believes was a ‘crossing over’ experience into an alternate reality.  Michael explains how M-theory and quantum mechanics may hold the explanation to why some people experience deja vu.  The group discusses Professor John Wheeler’s theory about ‘Quantum Foam’ as well as Michio Kaku’s Super String Theory.  Michael talks about Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s theories about time travel and the ‘grandfather paradox.’  Michael uses George to display the illusion of solid matter and explain quantum super position.  They discuss the physiological differences in brains and the phenomenal book on positive psychology called ‘The Happiness Hypothesis‘ by Jonathan Haidt. (You can check out all of Michael’s book recommendations at )

A caller named Warren calls in to discuss the phenomena of missing time and astral projection.  The group talks about the psychological bias some people have when recalling flashbulb memories.  George talks about a theory called ‘The Big Crunch’ where the universe eventually contracts back into a singularity like the one at the Big Bang.  Michael explains the theory of ‘The Big Freeze’ where the universe continues to expand and slowly approaches absolute zero.

The group discuss the possibility of an apocalypse, what may cause one and what they can do to prepare.  The Black Widow brings up the topic of FEMA Camps popping up around the country.  They discuss the difficulties of concealing a mass conspiracy considering the huge inefficiencies and information leaks in the federal government.  Nakeya brings up the threat of the ISIS and the ISIL attacking Las Vegas.  George talks about Mousepox (the Ectromelia virus) and the possibility of and Ebola out brake.

Click here to watch the video.

You can watch Nakeya Padgett, Jeri Gonzales, Kelsey Kristine and George Carson on ‘It’s Out There’ live every Friday at 6:05pm PST on www.AllTalkRadio.Net/AllTalk-2