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Michael Sartain | September 24, 2021

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Conquer Tinder: Author Chris Harders to Talk About His New Book

Conquer Tinder: Author Chris Harders to Talk About His New Book

| On 06, Feb 2015

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Chris Harders Conquer Tinder

One of the most shocking and controversial episodes yet…Chris Harders, the author of the book ‘Conquer Tinder‘, joins Tiffany Masters and Michael Sartain this week on ‘Waking Up In Vegas.‘  Chris repeatedly shocks Tiffany with his extremely blunt discussion about his strategies on the Tinder dating app. He talks about the most efficient way to meet up with the most girls possible.  Tiffany is stunned when Chris talks about his Tinder date exploits.  He reveals what motivated him to write the book and many of the early mistakes he made.  The debate rages between Tiffany and Chris as to the morality of the book’s contents.  You WILL NOT want to miss this episode of Waking Up In Vegas!!

Click here to watch the episode.

‘Waking Up In Vegas’ is the premiere show dealing with relationships, social media and the Las Vegas lifestyle.  You can watch live every week at 3:05pm PST at www.AllTalkRadio.Net or watch all the archives here.

Conquer Tinder Chris Harders

About Chris Harders:

At 23 Chris was the last person you would probably expect to see traveling the country flirting with women and teaching students how to achieve what their relationship goals. Having never been with a woman by 23, Chris thought that the dream of a woman in his life would always stay a dream. Over three years Chris learned the art of seduction, enhancing his life and the lives of the women he has met. Chris now teaches students how they can reach their dating goals.
Conquer Tinder is the definitive guide to any man looking to date more women on Tinder. Conquer Tinder reveals the secret system that has worked for men of all different ages and ethnicities to meet more attractive women. The system is simple and straightforward, designed for guys that are serious about meeting women quickly and easily.
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Conquer Tinder Review From

The Good: Straightforward, practical guide on how to effectively use Tinder to get dates. Shows actual word-for-word conversations from initial message through to arranging the date. In depth analysis of photo selection, highlighting different issues that most guys would probably overlook.

The Bad: The nature of Tinder means your ability to improve your success is not as great as with regular dating or even online dating. The conversation examples provided are all pretty basic; it could have been helpful to show how to inject some sexuality for more advanced users.

The book is well written and professionally put together, and it’s obvious the author has a lot of experience and has gotten real results himself. It focuses just on what you need to do to set up a date with girls from Tinder, so for having success on the date and beyond you’ll either need to have some dating experience or check out other products that focus on this area.

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